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Zentangle® Artwork
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I have loved art as long as I can remember. As a child, I would spend hours drawing, coloring and exploring art projects. After earning my degree in Graphic Design, I worked as a Graphic Designer in the corporate world, in addition to teaching computer graphics in the community college arena, but found that I missed doing hands-on art.

I then discovered the Zentangle® art method, became certified as a CZT and resumed my teaching career. My art journey led me to the world of colored pencil art and I instantly fell in love with this new medium. I live in Raleigh, NC with my husband, Greg and our cat Annie.

I offer classes online and in person in my studio in Raleigh.

  Colored Pencil Awards
  • Merit Award                          Grey Cube Gallery                  For Outstanding Art              Botanicals Art Show                             June 2023

  • Honorable Prize Award        TERAVARNA Gallery              Flower Category                    International Juried Art Competition     July 2023

  • Merit Award                          Grey Cube Gallery                 Juried Art Competition          “Faces” Art Show                                  July 2023

  • 2nd Place Award                  Colors of Humanity Gallery    Floral Category                     Botanicals Exhibit                                  August 2023

  • Finalist Award                       Camelback Gallery               “All Animals” Show                Juried Visual Arts Exhibition                  August 2023

  • Merit Award                          Grey Cube Gallery                 For Outstanding Art              Still Life Show                                        August 2023

  • Gold Award                          Camelback Gallery                Juried Visual Art Exhibition    Artist Invitational VII International          August 2023

  • 2nd Place                             Ten Moir Gallery                     Excellence in Art                   “Seasons” Exhibit                                 September 2023

  • Honorable Mention              Blue Koi Gallery                     Excellence in Art                   “Wild & Tamed Art” Competition           September 2023

  • Exhibit Inclusion                   Art Epic Gallery                      Outstanding Art                    Art Epic - Drawing Delights Exhibition  October 2023

  • Featured Artist                      Artsy Shark                            Outstanding Art                    Monthly Featured Artist Competition    October 2023

  • Bronze Award                       Camelback Gallery                Juried Art Exhibition             “Realism” Competition                          October 2023

  • 2nd Place                             Grey Cube Gallery                 Juried Art Exhibition              Floral Art Show                                     October 2023

  • Gold Award                          J. Mane Gallery                      Juried Art Exhibition              “Fins, Feathers & Fur” Art Exhibition    November 2023

  • Juror’s Award                       Camelback Gallery                Juried Art Exhibition              “Autumn Festival of Art 2023”               November 2023

  • 2nd Place                             TEN MOIR Gallery                  Excellence in Art                    “Open Theme” Competition                  November 2023

  • Distinction Award                 Gallery 4%                             Juried Art Contest                 “Floral & Botanical”                               November 2023    

  • Talent Prize Award               TERAVARNA Gallery              Talent Prize                            2023 Flower Competition                      December 2023

  • Honorable Mention              Fusion Art Gallery                  Juried Art Exhibition              6th Women Artists Exhibition                December 2023

  • Artist Showcase                   J. Mane Gallery                      Juried Art Exhibition             2023 Artist Showcase                           December 2023

  • Finalist                                        Juried Art Exhibition             Year End Art Masters 2023                    December 2023

  • Platinum Award                    J Mane Gallery                      Juried Art Exhibition              Artist Choice                                         January 2024

  • Finalist Award                       Top Awards Art Master         Juried Art Competition          Spring 2024 Art Awards                        March 2024

   Excellent Art Achievement    Artist Space                          Juried Art Competition          Botanicals Art Exhibitiohn                     April 2024

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